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Just who is Chibi? It depends on which Sailor Moon you follow. For our friends in the land of the rising sun, its Chibi Usa, Chibi Sailor Moon (or L'il Sailor Moon), and of course, Chibi Chibi. So far she has only appeared as one of these - Chibi Usa, better known as Rini. You cannot miss her, she's the little pain in Serena's neck. Chibi Sailor Moon is a more grown-up version of Chibi Usa, and Chibi Chibi is just too cute (She can be on found on many pages on this website!) with those little hearts in her hair!. If you missed her entrance into Sailor Moon, here's a little re-cap. Serena and Darien are kissing (that's almost a first!) and she falls out of the sky, knocks Serena down, and lands lips first on a stunned Darien! Some people find her annoying, some thinkishe is the heart of the show, but either way, she is a very interesting character.

Chibi Chibi Photo Gallery

Chibi Usa aims a Gun at Serena! Chibi Chibi - Too Cute! Chibi Sailor MoonPic of Chibi Usa
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