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Yes! The Macross page is up and running! Thanks to all who wrote and asked about it, I will have individual character pages, Macross vs. Robotech, and (most importantly) MORE PICS!. I will be working on these during the week and watch for future updates to be posted on the Main Page, as this page will be totally devoted to Macross. Thanks again for your support and patience in this matter.


Its finally here! The Macross page! Actually, it really isnt close to finished yet, I just thought I'd put up a teaser. I need your help making this page. I want to know what YOU want in a Macross page, so send me a note and let me know. Thanks for coming to our website!

Macross Pics

I have been a fan of Macross for a number of years. I discovered Macross though (of course) Robotech. Its awesome! If you have any comments, questions, gripes, whatever click here to E-Mail me

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