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My 2 Cents

by Bob

Does being a Anime fan mean you have to bash other Anime fans? This seems to be the case today. I have been into subtitled Anime since I was a freshman in High School. I remember being the ONLY person I knew who even knew what Anime was. Somehow in the past 10 years Anime went from a nerdy hobby to being a popular hobby. Along with this new found popularity came these so-called 'Otaku' who have seen one dubbed video, and can find Japan on a map. Of course this is fine, but why do they hate other fans?

These 'Otaku' also seem to hate Sailor Moon or anything else dubbed in English. Why ? How else are you going to get new fans into Anime? Most people are not going to walk into a Blockbuster Video and say 'hey this Japanese Cartoon looks cool, I think I'll buy it!'. Of course not, they see Sailor Moon and like the look of the Animation or art and discover other Anime. I am tried of people who have seen three videos and now are experts...excuse me 'Otaku's. Most of these people have not heard of any Anime older then Ghost In The Shell. I bet they would have to rack their brain to even come up with the Japanese title of Star Blazers (Uchû Kaizoku Yamoto BTW).

Why do they hate? Because they know they have have only seen three OAVs and they don't want others to find out. Of course it could be that they were the target of such hate when they got into Anime by watching Robotech or something similar and are now getting their revenge! Please remember this the next time you IRC or log onto Japanimation Station, be nice to new people and it will expand our hobby and help get Anime over here (Instead of waiting on a Fansub). Please be nice to your fellow 'Otaku'.

It's weekly quiz time! Some of you may have noticed the favorite scout quiz on the Sailor Moon page. This will be a weekly event, although this one will last 2 weeks. I will tally the votes at the end of the week and post the results. I would really like everyone to vote, and vote as much you want! -katz

Hey everybody! I want to thank all of you who stopped by over the past two months. It has been quite hectic trying to get everything on this website working. Thanks to all who have e-mailed suggestions and to all who have filled out my guestbook. Anyway, the only thing updated is the Sailor Moon Page, I have added Amy's Page, and added Graphics for Chibis page. I will have more up soon. -katz
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